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Walking around Aundh one winter afternoon, my friends and I saw a sign that read ‘Zaika, Ice cream, Cakes and Desserts’. Not one with a sweet tooth, I was intrigued nevertheless. Torn between the coffee shop across the street and Zaika, we decided to chart unknown territory.

The shop opened up sometime in Nov 2011 and the missing tables and handful of chairs are evidence of that. A cheerful server behind the counter pointed at notices, menus, etc to bring us up to speed. The cakes and desserts are on order so cannot quite comment on their capabilities in that department but ladies and gentlemen I think you ought to make a trip for their completely surprising ice cream options.

For those familiar with hot spices like cardamom, cloves, cinnamon etc, Zaika offers ice cream flavors that take you away from what have become standard options. Even the oh so yummy sitaphal flavor needs a rest. So mosey on down for a scoop or two in a cup between Rs 40 – Rs 60 and I suspect you will discover that your palette will be charmed. It may be an acquired taste, but certainly worth a try.

Adjacent to Kiva (Aundh Location)
Off the “Anandban” Street

+91 96738 43658


12:00 Noon – 8:00 PM

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